Richard Di Grazia Poetry

Time and the Gates

Shadows are loosed by the fall of night,
to mingle and drink, to dance and fight.
All the hard boys are out,
each fingers his bone handled knife
with blade of infinite edge.
All their ladies slip by,
with their collars raised high
to only reveal their mysterious eyes.

They all enter a dark hall
made darker by their presence.
Black music scores their pleasures.
At the center of the hall
sits the darkest of them all,
the greatest of the fallen angels,
who is holding court.
His minions come before him
to tender him the souls
stolen during the light of day.
After accepting their gifts
their master speaks,
"The end of time has come."
The timbre of his voice is sonorous,
befitting the dark Prince.
"Soon we will stand before King Jesus.
Know now, though you are condemned,
you will stand in pride with me."
Then is heard from all directions:

Earth and allĀ its creatures Now Cease!

For Satan and his crew
the maw of Hell swings wide,
swallowing whole, cringing souls,
bent over, trying to hide.
They are not able to stand in pride.
When the last of these passes through,
the gates are closed and sealed,
all the dials set for an Eternity in Hell.
The last thing heard is the reverberation
of Satan's laughter ringing in the hall.
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